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Book three in the Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives was launched at the end of July, wrapping up the series in a nice little trilogy of stories. I’ve been asked by a few readers if I will be bundling all three books into one omnibus, and I can now say yes, that will be happening. Whether the bundle will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited still has to be decided, I’ll be able to make an informed decision on that come August 15th when we get the news about the page rate Amazon has chosen to pay authors. If it’s ridiculously low, as anticipated, I suspect the better decision will be to go wide and list my books at other retailers, forgoing Kindle Unlimited’s exclusivity clause.


Also, I’m furiously working away at a brand new steamy romance set against the backdrop of fabulous NYC. I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing this new book– I literally go to bed thinking about it, wake up and immediately start writing, and I’ve bumped into more than one person while walking because I’m busy creating a scene in my head. I’m anticipating a late August release if the writing continues to go so well and I can get it to edits in time.

And, even though erotica shorts are falling out of favour, I still love reading and writing them– so I’ve got a great little series set in the rolling hills of Scotland in the 19th century. It’s sexy, mysterious and more than a little dangerous, just like the hero of the story. Picture sinister gothic manor houses, windswept desolate moors, and corsets that reveal more than they conceal. The first two books in the series will launch this month, and everyone on my mailing list will be the first to know. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so HERE.

That’s all the news from here today. Have a great weekend everyone!


For those looking for a quick, hot read with lots of spanking, sex and submission, pick up a copy of my latest short read in the sexy Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series.Submission is just 2.99 or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Release Day!

Introducing Submission, book three of the sexy new erotica series Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives.

Submission: An Erotic BDSM Story

Jim has it all— a successful career, an enviable house in an exclusive neighbourhood, expensive cars and money in the bank. But what he doesn’t have is his wife’s submission, and he wants it more than anything.

That’s all going to change, because he’s brought his young wife to a training facility where badly behaved wives learn to submit willingly to their masterful husbands. Jim and Denise have made it all the way through to their final lesson, and are invited to an sexy party thrown in their honour. What Denise doesn’t know is that Jim has an special surprise for planned for her.

With the unique instruction and opportunity provided by Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives, will Denise be able to come to terms with her need for submission and her desire to be dominated? All she has to do is give up control. If she can do that, she and Jim will be happy beyond their wildest dreams. If she can’t, her marriage may be over.

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And as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow this title for free in the Kindle Unlimited Library.

Happy Reading!

For those looking for a quick, hot read with lots of spanking, sex and submission, pick up a copy of my latest short read Delicious Discipline, the second in the sexy Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series on AMAZON free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Join my VIP mailing list and never miss another new release! Click HERE to join for free.


Book 3 of the Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives: Submission, is about to launch, so as a promotion the first book in the series, Passing Inspection,

is available for .99 cents on Amazon. And as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for free!

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Book Launch!

Delicious Discipline is now available at Amazon!

Erotica by Karina Leigh
On Amazon, also available for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

This is the second novelette in the Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series. It continues the sensual story of a married couple who are encouraged by the delightful Miss Haver to release their inhibitions and experience the tantalizing relationship of submissive and Dominant, first explored in Book One: Passing Inspection. These adults-only stories can also stand alone, no cliffhangers here!

I also found out today that BOTH books have made it into the top 100 Bestseller list in their category, and I have to acknowledge the readers and say THANK YOU! I love knowing that you’re out there, reading my stories, and it propels my writing!

Because, Stoya.

Last night I followed a porn star on Twitter. This may come as a shock, but despite being an erotica writer I don’t really watch porn- I like to read about sex, not watch it on my laptop, and I’m more likely to be watching Penny Dreadful, or Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. So I hadn’t heard of the superfamous adult film star, Stoya, until I came across her twitter page.


Now, the lingering prude in me started to click off to somewhere else, like immediately. I’m an erotica writer, but I’m not into porn, right? Except- it’s all about human sexuality. And that’s a pretty important part of what makes us, us. Sex isn’t bad or wrong, it’s pretty awesome and oh yeah, necessary for the survival of our species. Our culture gives us mixed messages- an onslaught of sexually titillating imagery, particularly related to advertising, combined with an out of whack morality that labels women who enjoy sex as sluts.

Unless you’re a big fan of the industry, you likely don’t hear much about porn stars in mainstream media, as if there was something shameful about what they do. Growing up it made me think that there probably was something shameful about it. As a woman, I’m not supposed to approve of the porn industry because it exploits women, isn’t that the line? And all those poor girls, what terrible things must have happened to them, to make them want to do that kind of work. But perhaps they like sex. Or money. Maybe they like money. I like money. Why do we continue to feel that women in the adult industry are emotionally scarred or in some way oblivious to their own plight?

I started reading some of Stoya’s tweets. She’s smart, she’s articulate, and I don’t get the feeling at all that she’s being exploited by anyone. In fact, I think she’s building an empire. It’s inspiring. I had to click ‘follow’. Then, curious, I googled her. And got a clip of one of her films. She was having sex. Rough sex. And it was hot. And it looked an awful lot like she was in control and about as un-exploited as you can get. She’s also responsible for Trenchcoatx, a curated platform for episodic porn, a la carte. It’s kind of genius.

So long story short, I’m now a Stoya fan, and as cliche as it sounds it’s changing how I perceive the porn industry and especially the men and women who act in the films. Feminists are supposed to be pro-women. That’s ALL women, not just those in professions deemed respectable by some intangible authority.

Oh, and her Instagram is filled with pictures of her really cute cat.

For those looking for a quick, hot read with lots of spanking, sex and submission, pick up a copy of my latest short read Delicious Discipline, the second in the sexy Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series on AMAZON free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name

The hardest part for me, the thing I dither about most and take eons to decide on, has got to be character names. Usually, I’ll write half of the book calling them one name, and they yell out at me that their names are something completely different. And sometimes I don’t like the names they (apparently) think they’ve got- but who am I to change them?

Strangely, the more ordinary names are also the most difficult to figure out. It’s easy to come up with a beautiful, unique moniker, but even though we’re writing fiction there still needs to be some truth in it. With a few exceptions, most of us have fairly typical names. The top ten lists of baby names for the past thirty years haven’t gone too far out of the box, though there are plenty of people running around with names like Apple and Jermajesty. (Maybe not Jermajesty, there’s probably just the one.) Mostly, I think it’s good to keep names fairly simple, so they don’t distract from the story. It’s one of the reasons I’ve found it difficult to get into a few fantasy novels- constantly sounding out Vaerualeinamum in my head as I read is a real mood-killer.

In Passing Inspection, the two main characters are Jim and Denise. Kind of boring. Except- that’s exactly what they were until Miss Haver got hold of them. Boring, and quite frankly, they were bored- with their sex life and with each other. Jim is actually James, and he’s in finance. Does quite well for himself, thanks, and goes by Jim to distinguish himself from that other guy who plays a little guitar and sings. Denise is in her early twenties and younger than her name suggests. It’s a little dated because her parents were older. She was their only child and lived a very sheltered life before meeting Jim. She is used to receiving a lot of attention and direction, and the fact that she’s not getting it in her marriage is creating the tension that drives the story.

See, this is all background info and your characters start to tell you everything as you write their story- including their names. You just have to hear them out. And if they tell you they really really hate the name Kelsey? You’ll just have to trust it. (Even if secretly you still prefer Kelsey to Denise.) Though I’d put my foot firmly down at Jermajesty.


For those looking for a quick, hot read with lots of spanking, sex and submission, pick up a copy of my latest short read Delicious Discipline, the second in the sexy Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series on AMAZON free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


Kindle Unlimited

If you’re an author on Amazon then you can’t not have heard about the recent Kindle Unlimited shakeup. Essentially, Amazon has changed how they pay authors- choosing to pay a page rate for pages read instead of an amount per borrow.

writers and the ku debacle

No one really knows what this will mean until the page rate has been officially determined, but right now it looks like it will be low- perhaps just half a penny per page. What this does is penalize short story authors, particularly in erotica since shorts are the most popular format in this genre. Naturally, erotica authors are concerned, and many are taking their books out of KU. When I published my first erotica story, Passing Inspection, book one in the Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives, it was at right at the moment the changes took place on July 1st. I chose to enrol my book in KU.

I did this because I’m brand spanking new in erotica. Karina Leigh is taking her first steps out into the world with this book. Right now my main goal is to introduce readers to my writing and hope we make a connection that makes them want to read more. The best way for me to do this is through Kindle Unlimited. It’s a service via Amazon where readers pay a monthly fee to read as much as they want, for free. So my book is free for any KU subscriber. Passing Inspection has been live for less than 48 hours and my page reads are shooting up- so that means I’m reaching readers. That is worth everything to me at this stage.

Does that mean I’m ok with authors receiving potentially pennies for their books? Absolutely not and I fully understand position of established erotica authors who are worried about losing a significant amount of their expected income. But right now any assumptions about the payout per page are, at best, educated guesses. I’m waiting until the end of the month to see how it all plays out. However, because titles in KU are unable to be sold anywhere else, like on Apple or Barnes & Noble or Kobo, there needs to be some kind of financial benefit to me for giving Amazon such exclusivity. If I don’t see that happening I will pull my books, and not enrol any further work.

Until then, readers can continue to enjoy my stories on KU. The second book in my series launches next week. I truly hope this new payment program works out to the benefit of both long novel writers and short story authors. I encourage readers to let Amazon know you appreciate having access to so much quality erotica via KU, and that they should treat their authors accordingly. Readers are, after all, the people paying the KU subscription fee. Amazon needs to listen to you too and give you what you want. If erotica authors pull their books because they aren’t being fairly compensated, that might mean erotica readers choose not to pay for KU. Amazon needs to consider all of this.

With love,



For those looking for a quick, hot read with lots of spanking, sex and submission, pick up a copy of my latest short read Delicious Discipline, the second in the sexy Miss Haver’s School for Badly Behaved Wives series on AMAZON free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.